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Monde et Montres...

Apple unveils the APPLE WATCH

(version francaise)


Apple unveiled yesterday, in addition to the new I-Phone6, its long-time hoped vision of the smart watch concept.

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On must admit that the design is well done like any Apple product, with high-class definition: 316L Steel, Sapphire glass.


The case is about 42mm, which is coherent with actual standards. The mirror- polish finition is great, but may be sensitive to scratches. Apple says they used a special steel reducing this risk, to see in the long term. There is a variant of the case in black DLC and a golden one.


They also propose three variants of watch-band:

  • The basic one is a luminescent (!) gum. Original!
  • Another one is a steel band.
  • The next version is a milanese band. Very classy.


Those three variants have a very carefully made design, like the rest of the watch, and have a well-thought system to change them very simply.

Two commands are present on the case:

  • on button to reach menus, or to validate, ...
  • one crown reminding the ones of mechanical watches, allowing zooms, scrollings, ... without needing to put the fingers on the screen.

So What?...

We were expecting from Apple that they reinvent and revolutionise the smart watch concept. I think they partly succeeded, with a very well made design, proposing various bands and cases with also a well made design. The management of the interface with the crown is original, to see at use, but I think we can trust Apple on this point.


Concerning the functions, no major revolutions, fitness, navigation, alerts, ...


The price will stard around 349$ (about 270€).


When we see that at this price you can find some simple quartz watches, I feel comforted in my opinion that it is more this kind of watches that must fear smart watches, rather than mechanical watches. (cf Montres connectées VS Montres mécaniques)

But this product is well done, and it is possible that even among mechanical watches fans, geeks like me could buy one, one day.

But before, this kind of product must find custommers... Until now such products were already existing (Motorola, Samsung, ...) but without meeting a great attention from possible custommers. Is it a realdistrust from the custommers, or were they just waiting for what was apple going to propose, crating a new standard?


Time will tell...



Trailer Official Apple:

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