Monde et Montres...

Monde et Montres...

Dewitt and Napoleon

(version francaise)


You may have heard about it before, an auction sale occured recently to sale devices that belonged to Napoleon the First. Among those items, one of his famous hat reached almost 1,9 Millions of euros. (3)


Among the other items, 2 lots containing hairs of the emperor. Those two lots has been bought by Viviane Jutheau-DeWitt, wife of Jerome DeWitt, founder of the eponymous watch brand in 2003, of which she is the CEO. Note that Jerome DeWitt is a direct descandant of the emperor. (1)


The announced purpose is to propose later a watch collection that will include parts of those imperial hairs. (2)


It is rather sad that this firm, wether we like it or not, but who succeed to make it place in the watch landscape with rather interesting products, find only this way, at least trivial, on the edge of rudeness, to make talk about it. In terms of horology, we are close to zero...


But this make talk about them, this is aa good point for them, and this will allow DeWitt to make profit with the Napoleo-mania running in Asia...


But who talks about the ivory watch that was also selled at this auction? On the Watch Fora, nobody cares... That would have been a lot more interesting, than speaking about the emperor's hairs, don't you think?





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