Monde et Montres...

Monde et Montres...

HMT Watches is going to cease activity...

(version francaise)


Some time ago, I presented you a lovely watch, at low cost, my HMT Janata.

(HMT Janata: mini prix - plaisir intact)



In fact, I received an article announcing that the Watch branch of HMT, independant since 2000, will close.

It is obiously a human drama for the people who are going to loose their job, it is also sad for this part of the indian patrimony, and for the watch-world in general: not the most known brand, they were among the last (if not THE last) to make watchesof good quality with such a low price.

Is there going to be a saving plan? I don't think so. Almost nobody know this brand, and such an attempt already occured in 2006 according to the article. I think they missed the international turn: a wider diffusion could have help them to be better known. They had their own part in the watch market with mechanical watches at the same price (even cheaper!) than quartz watches...


They didn't survive, I really regret it.





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