Monde et Montres...

Monde et Montres...

HMT Sona: new try, new success!

(version francaise)


Some time ago, I tried the adventure of the HMT Janata (HMT Janata: mini prix - plaisir intact).


Following this article, I had some exchanges with persons who didn't knew this brand, and intrigated by this watch. I discussed also with Suresh, an Indian, who told me that he formerly worked for HMT.


After our very friendly discussion, he sent me a new HMT model, the SONA.



And it is better than the first attempt I made with HMT! Of course for the required budget, the case is plated golden with only few microns, but for the rest, nothing to say!


The dial has no defect, the iner guillochage is rough but allows to animate a possibly to quiet dial. Index are applicated!


The winding is smooth, the power reserve is nearly 48H.


The back is clipsed, the band is very simple, but in real leather (and you can easily change it if you want!)


Globally, this is a watch I beared many days since I received it, with a real pleasure, and I think I will keep on wearing it afterwards.


If you are interested, do it quickly, the company will close... Cf HMT Watches va fermer...



And THANK YOU Suresh! Sourire

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