Monde et Montres...

Monde et Montres...

One-Hand Watch Abraham_Louis, by AHA.

Version francaise: Mono-Aiguille Abraham-Louis, par l'AHA


Yesterday I presented in La Montre du jour my one_hand watch, produced by the Association Horlogère d'Alsace. Seeing the very interested reactions, I decided to make a small presentation...


En 1796, Abraham_Louis Breguet, famous watchmaker who invented an automatic winding system, anti-shock devices, tourbillons, ... comes back to Paris after a forced exile in Swiss during the Terror period of the French Revolution, saved at the last moment by his friend Marat.

He has no money left, his workshops are devasted. Then he has the idea to launch a new watch ith a subscription system: people give the money in advance, and he uses this money to produce the watch.

216 years later, a watch-addict association (Association Horlogère d'Alsace) proposes, after some other eralisations already in subscription, an après d'autres réalisations déjà en souscription, un tribute to Abraham-Louis, the One-Hand A-L. They make a watch with an enamel dial inspired by the simplicity of the original one, and using the same system of graduations. Those ones, after a little training, allow to read the time with a very good accuracy.

The hand is of course an "apple" one, so called "Breguet". It is flame bluished, and tha graduations are in the same blue color.

The mouvement is a UNITAS 6498 slightly modified (above all for the hands axes), finished with Cote de Geneve, bluished screws... Very beautiful!

On an Ostrich band, it is just... Marvellous!


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