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Monde et Montres...

Basel 2015: ORIS

(French Version)


As the ones who follow a little bit this blog may know, I am a great fan of ORIS (ORIS: Une marque centenaire méconnue...). It is the breand of my first automatic watch, and since, I follow carefully what happens to ORIS.

So during my litle trip to Baselworl this year I didn't miss to visit their booth.

And they had some novelties to show!

First, they are continuing their in-house caliber adventure. After the 110 presented las year (ORIS: Le renouveau?), here is the 111 announced a little bit before: ORIS annonce un nouveau Calibre Maison 111. It is an evolution, with the date at 9H, added to the small second at 9H also, and the power-reserve indicator at 3H. The 111 keeps all the other features of the 110, includng the amazing 10 days power reserve!


In another showcase, a nice reissue of a diver's watch from 1965, the Diver Sixty-Five.

Divers 65 Vintage and new


It is true that this model is one from of so many neo-vintage (Neo-vintage: panne d'inspiration?), but if you put this point of view apart, if finally like he result. This is a diving watch which is not like so many Sub-like watches, it only looks like the Eterna Kontiki (Icones Horlogères: Eterna Kontiki) for the index written in black inside luminous area. The date is now at 6H instead of 3H. It looses its white frame, i regret it as it was easing to find the date. The diameter is bigger, but remains in "normal" size range, I find this is a good point.

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