Monde et Montres...

Monde et Montres...

VICENTERRA LUNA: an invitation for a new journey...

(version francaise)


Three years ago, Vincent Plomb launched is own brand VICENTERRA with a model financed by subscription, the GMT-3 Tome 1. (all the story here: VICENTERRA, Another approach of time: Vincent Plomb's interview.)


Since, the GMT-3 had a little sister, the Tome 2, and the Tome 3 in gold is about to be presented, carrying-on the adventure of this model.


But, after this model already full of poetry, VICENTERRA launches its second model, looking like a new invitation to be transported and to dream, the LUNA.




Globally, the watch looks like the GMT-3, but VICENTERRA brought some noticeable differences:

  • The rotative earth, symbol of the brand, is still present of course, but comes with a second sphere representing the Moon.
  • The dial is more bald, to leave place for the reverie, and the index has been completly redesigned.
  • The Day/Night indication à 12H is still present also, but also redesigned with a comet that will illuminate your nights.
  • The pointer date is replaced by a big date: a simple opening in the dial without any ring, to be more discrete, with grey dials written on black, among the graduations... the integration is a success.
  • THe hands are new also, and have Luminova, that was missing on the tome 1 of the GMT-3.
  • The interior of the watch is all black-coated, to let your look dive inside...
  • The bottom of the watch is spangled with 12 little stars made with black diamond.


At last, let's talk about what you can't see, the mechanic!


Here also, there is a big change: we go froman ETA on the GMT-3 to an awsome VAUCHER Manufacture Fleurier, animated by an golden rotor wonderfully decorated. They give power to a new exclusive VICENTERRA module, black-coated with rhodium to come with the dark night where the moon will bright!


Globally, this is a wonderful watch, with a warm design, that earns in maturity without loosing in poetry...


So, will you be tempted by the Moon?....



Tehcnical datas:

- Caliber Seed VMF 3002: 28 rubis, 42H of autonomy.

- Additionnal Module: 17 jewels, plates black coated with rhodium, and shaped.

- Water-Tightness: 3ATM.


In pre-order, prices comes from 13.500€ for the Steel version, until 31.300€ for the platinium version. The price of the dream in pre-order. After that, prices will raise.




All informations available on!modele-luna.


A little video to keep-on dreaming:



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